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You somehow managed to step onto the terrible website I own. I wish I could describe it, but it literally has no goal. I tried few times to make something concrete out of it, but I never was happy with the result. There's a reason the name has the word "bin" in it. Closest thing would be a personal site that has an radio for some reason. Feel free to suffer through my terrible music taste or sign my guestbook. This site even used to have an forum which made it even more odd.

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Who are you?

No one really. Just your average dude with an rather odd looking haircut. I wish I was interesting in some way.

As for stuff I enjoy doing. It's mostly programming and drawing, both of which I am quite clunky in, but I still enjoy it. You might see stuff I made pop on this site from time to time.

Besides that, I guess on a more passive note, I tend to read quite a bit. I usually have periods where I read a lot and then don't touch a book for months. But that applies to all my hobbies. I also love swimming, but am quite bad at it and can't to it anywhere as much as I want to

People tell me I have nice thighs. As I feel like sharing, you can see them too for free.


Молочные реки, медовые цветы

В моей голове только ты, ты, ты

Разбуди меня, прошу

И вроде берега не так далеки

Я все еще не чувствую твоей руки

Это все не наяву

Browser goodies

Here's a small list of things you should try out. If you found this site, you probably heard of them at least once, but I might find someone who still might be interested

Words to live by

I think I just had a surreal moment so it’s late night and I’m just going to pick a friend up from the train station so I get in my car and put on my play list, near the end of my journey a real hero by electric youth starts playing.

Instantly every muscle in my body relaxes and the car drifts along the pitch black road slowly, my breathing slows, I feel in tune with my car and as the song comes to a close, I arrive just in time as it ends, I lean over and open the passenger seat door, look my friend dead in the eye as the song now finishes and I ask him “where to?”

Then after he gets in and I’m pulling away, what starts playing? Nightcall by Kavinsky and neither of us say a word as I had nothing that needed to be said and he was too tired to speak and this feeling continues all the way to his house. I just had to share this amazing moment with someone.


If you have anything to say, mail to filthysaucer404[at]tutanota[dot]com