Get comfy or something...

hi there!

What is this?

You somehow managed to step onto the terrible website I own. I wish I could describe it, but it literally has no goal. I tried few times to make something concrete out of it, but I never was happy with the result. There's a reason the name has the word "bin" in it. Closest thing would be a personal site that has an radio for some reason. Feel free to suffer through my terible music taste or sign my guestbook. This site even used to have an forum which made it even more odd.

Who are you?

Literally no one. Just your average dude with an rather odd looking haircut. I wish I was interesting in some way.

As for stuff I enjoy doing. It's mostly programming and drawing, both of which I am quite clunky in, but I still enjoy it. You might see stuff I made pop on this site from time to time.


If you have anything to say, mail to filthysaucer404[at]tutanota[dot]com