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Bootleg Ring

Fri, 22 Jul 2022

Today's dream was essentially a bootleg version of the horror movie ring. Stuffed with the cliches of a creepy pale girl and a tape. Essentially from what I remember I got an email that featured a mp4 file middle of the night. Opening it, the movie player opened and before me was a grey rural scenery with an unkept house on the side. My perception got sucked into the screen as my view of real world faded away

There I remember few people around. They were normal. Nothing really noteworthy about them besides that they seemed to be trapped in film the same way I was. After a while of us exploring the run down house, a pale and rotten girl from the fields came out. she started just looking at the direction of other people around me and made them levitate. Took away their control and made them living puppets. She did it to me to, and made me levitate and move my arms around to her will. I tried to stop my arms from moving but it was close to impossible. It felt as if countless invisible hands grabbed me and did whatever they want. Dragged my body to her will.

After getting desperate and terrified. With sweat dropping off from me as I tried to gain some sense of control, I got an urge in me to break free. I just pushed myself out of her control and tried to push my whole body forward. Felt as I was penetrating some flesh when I tried to get myself out. As I moved myself forward enough, I again felt like nothing held me and I fell down to the ground.I stood up and grabbed her head. Pulled it up and it popped off as if it was some action figure. It even made the same sound as an action figure I had as a kid who's head I popped off. She looked at me and said she couldn't do anything more to me. Her head fell of from my hands and snapped like a magnet to her body. We both then sat down in front of each other and stared at each other in confusion.

What to take out of this? Don't go to sleep with horror videos from youtube playing in the background maybe?

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