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FBI and fairies hunting me down for skipping school

Thu 29 sep, 2022

I was in a hangar retrofitted to be some sort of school. There were rows of tables filled with students and a teacher next to the emptiness of a hangar interior. I came up to to my desk when some guy told me that I need to change or I will get in trouble, or in other case, run away from here. The reason? FBI was about to get me!

Anyway, I started running like crazy to a bar few streets up. It was a weird town that looked like a mix of gothic architecture mixed with typical commie blocks type of style. I crossed the road and as I was to enter the bar, the same dude that told me i'm in trouble said I can't run and I need to change my behaviour or I will get in trouble

I walked a bit to the left when I saw a hole inside big rocks on the side of the street. i jumped in and was swimming in underwater caves. Waving my arms around glowing fish as I was getting deeper and deeper. I then saw a fairy stalking me. She out-swam me and made a hand motion to follow her. When I did I ended up inside some cave that was lit by cyan and yellow glowing flowers growing inside of it. Then she put a spell on me that made the butterflies next to me have my face.

I don't know what i'm smoking on the side, but I need to stop

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