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Ink addiction

Thu 11 Aug, 2022

I was in some grey/green-ish room. With dim light from a long window down the site gently illuminating the desk in front of me. I got curious about how ink in my pen tastes like, so I broke the tip and put a bit on my tongue.

To my surprise. The taste wasn't bad. So I took a bit more before a voice in my head told me it's unhealthy and lethal in large doses. So I put the pen back on the table and covered it with paper so that the ink won't spill. I went to the bathroom to the tap. Turned it on so that the water would spill out. I put my tongue under the stream to let the ink flow out of my mouth. After that I returned to the office.

In office after having nothing to fiddle with, the urge to drink from the pen came to me. After hesitation for few minutes, I broke the pen again and started drinking from it. Once again the voice of reason came into my head and made me go to the bathroom

Sadly, dream addictions are as persistent as real ones. My whole dream was balancing office work, drinking ink, and going to the bathroom to not poison myself

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