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On 50s housewives, cavemen and god(?)

16 Jul, 2022

First dream journal post it seems. Don't know why I started it but it might be fun to document the stuff. What I want to write about is a dream I had few weeks ago

The dream begins with me standing on some rocks in a savana. Wind blowing around, it's flow overpowering every sound around me. a wounded caveman laying in my arms. I began moving my hands around producing some pink magic plasma around my hands. The magic I just created healing the caveman. As I'm done, something closest to resembling a god reaches out of the skies. The god in question looked more or less exactly like Gilgamesh rather than the christian concept of god. I'm not even sure if to use the word god, as deity would be a better word. Skipping that detail aside, he said he cursed me (although the exact curse was never told) for using magic.

In a revenge against the him, I decided to seek out the caveman tribe. I found a small town on the steppe. The houses made of stone and wood. That covered by Thatch grass. As the caveman turned out to be not enough to build my army. I knew of a typical 50s American town few steps further. The issue was, I needed to unite the caveman and suburbians together. My plan turned out to use a ritual of the caveman. As their houses were two stories high and they had a habit of their women falling down the middle of the house to the ground into being unconscious (there was no floor in middle of any house). I used that opportunity to drag the caveman woman out of the town. Trimmed them and made them look good, and dragged them to the suburbia. Plan being to use them as sleeper agent by slowly convincing the cavemen and suburbians to work together by them seducing the suburbian men.

Sadly, even though the master plan was about to unfold, I woke up thirsty and confused

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