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Pornstar and power rangers

Wed 10 Aug, 2022

It was my mother birthday and new year eve at once (these dates are completely unrelated irl), so I went to a party. As I opened the door to a huge empty warehouse where it should take place, I saw before me dark rooms with graffiti plastered over them. Loud music played muffled in the background. Every place was covered in smoke as if it was mist with vague outlines of people only being visible.

The main room there contained an empty large pool, all grey from the smoke dust. Around it people sitting and chatting in every direction with vague outlines in the smoke implying their existence. I opened the door right to me and saw before me two women sitting on a sofa. They were giggling and chatting before saying they have to go get something. After which, one turned into a power ranger and the other one turned into a power ranger(like) robot. A silver robot unicorn with glowing yellow eyes. They then flew out of the room with the unicorn leaving a rainbow trail behind it.

Later, a bald dude in glasses took my attention by coming up to me. He rolled down a canvas from the celing and projected on it a powerpoint on why I should become a pornstar. I remember - in the most monotone voice ever - citing the unabomber manifesto to him. Going "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for..." Idea being that he would take it as a no.

Woke up feeling dizzy

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