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I feel I am a hack

Sun, 24 Jul 2022

I feel like a hack. I haven't done enough cool things I like to imagine I'm capable of. I look at my paintings and they could be better. I got few unfinished blog posts which could be interesting, but something about them doesn't stick good enough with me to publish them. I look at my programming work and I feel I haven't done anything worthwhile too. I seem to have been in a small rut. Maybe the vacation I'm on right now will fix that. You sometimes need to sit back and just be left with your thoughts to move forward. I hope that is the case. I want to do so many things but I feel the bullshit of everyday life grouped with my constant tiredness stops me from it.

I would list things I want to accomplish in near future, but I feel I shouldn't. Maybe I should only commit to certain things when I'm sure they are going somewhere, and right now I don't have many of these. I guess this message is a reminder of myself to get my shit together and make something worthwhile

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