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23-12-2021 END OF THE YEAR

Probably last update this year. Last few months were weird. I'll say I'm happy for what I did though. My janky browser game is finally online. I feel I got a stronger bond with some of my friends, and I finally let go of stupid thoughts that were letting me down. Now maybe I'll get my site's radio running before the end of the year and I'll consider this year a good one. Certainly I'm happy in the direction I'm going right now. Either way...

Happy holidays & new year to everyone reading!

Came back from visiting Grandma. The ride was both ass, and so long my ass is no more. I did need it though. It was nice catching up with everyone and being free from lot of bullshit for a week. Plus she knows how to cook like no one else. Got to taste tomato soup the grandma's way as if I was a child once again. Beyond that not much to write about. Most things seem to be going good. I've been playing the new DLC that just released for Outer Wilds. Good stuff. But I can't understand how I used to play games for hours upon hours. I can barely play two hours of something I enjoy, and I've used to easily spend whole days pushing wasd keys just few years back.


Where does the time go? Either way I thought the site is kinda basic and could have used a remake. So here it is


The cake for my birthday was nice, the birthday itself was kinda lame, but I shouldn't complain about such things. As for this website, I've made a new logo for the welcome page, learned that running the youtube radio is prone to crashes and feeling kinda bad in general lately. But here are some promises I have for myself for the upcoming 6 months:

  • Make a non youtube version of my radio that will run on this site, youtube one will continue playing though
  • Finish my browser game project even if it sucks to get it off my mind
  • Finish my git client cause even though I love sublime merge, I don't like it's license
  • Go to the doc if I continue having the annoying issues that I do
  • Get a sleeping schedule of a human and not a vampire

peace, out


Added few useless stuff like the buttons on the front page, some useful stuff like that guestbook having an option to leave a site url and made fixed some javascript and added date specific messages.

Oh, and now you can play the radio stream directly in the radio tab

also tomorrow is my birthday. I guess that's something worth celebrating
07-08-2021 - version 1.0

fixed some CSS and also made text formatting better on post


Launch of the stream and fixed issues with the forums


Not much to talk about. The basic functionality has been added

  • It works?